Get That Job - Being Resourceful

Get That Job - Being Resourceful

It has been said that being resourceful is more important than being well-resourced. When it comes to problem solving, a creative approach can often provide a definite edge. Being resourceful can provide more opportunities than well-tried, traditional approaches and may help you get a foot in the door.

Don’t let conventional thinking and approaches limit you from trying something different even if it’s a little out there. You never know where it might lead you and one thing’s for sure, if you keep doing the same thing over and over, you’ll probably get the same result each time.

Here’s a few ideas for you to consider, some traditional and some not.

Employment Websites

The most well-known of these is however being the biggest means you’ll also have the most competition so think about using others as well like Indeed, Jora, CareerOne, etc

Company Websites

Search out a few organisations that appeal to you as an ideal workplace or those that might be a good fit for your values, skills and career aspirations. Additionally, many larger companies usually have a dedicated Careers link through which they advertise positions vacant or career development options.

Recruitment Specialists

There are some businesses that only recruit through a specialist recruitment agency like Hays, Entrée etc so be sure to register with any you believe are appropriate to your preferred line of work.

Temp Work

Registering with an employment agency that offers temporary assignments can be a great way of securing a permanent role as it allows the company and you both to "try before you buy".


Why not subscribe to industry specific newsletters? They’ll give you insights into what’s happening in the field you’re considering and may help make you look well informed in an interview.

Social Media and the Internet

There’s a vast electronic network out there that will put you in touch with people who are just dying to tell you what they know, all for free! The Internet will connect you with employment and recruitment agencies, companies and businesses offering job positions that may not be promoted elsewhere, LinkedIn, Gumtree, Twitter, even Pinterest. Try going on Youtube and typing “job search strategies” in the search window.


This involves telling everyone and anyone that you’re looking for work and the type of work you really want to do. Obviously, some people will be better contacts for you than others and if you can connect with someone already in your field of choice, all the better.

These are just a few suggestions. There’s a lot more out there so go for it!

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