Why Do I Need A Resumé?

Why Do I Need A Resumé?

Most people know that a resumé is pretty much an essential part of the job application process. What a lot of people aren’t aware of is how essential a great resumé is.

Let’s face it, a resumé is just a list of previous employers, job descriptions, references, and contact numbers, right? Well, yes, but it’s much more than that. It’s you, the person you are and your story as far as your working career, education and life interests are concerned. A good resumé has your DNA, it conveys your unique personality and voice to the employment sector. Vocationally speaking, it’s who you are in hard copy.

The reality is to tell a really good story, you need a really good storyteller and that’s where a self-written list of previous jobs, hobbies, and school grades may not cut it. And, for that matter, a “cookie-cutter”, one-size-fits-all online resume builder or a cheap resumé writer won’t either. This is about you securing a worthwhile, satisfying career by getting that crucial interview. To do that you need an edge and with us you get a product that gives you a real chance at securing the opportunity you’re after.

How much is your new career likely to be worth each year? Many tens of thousands of dollars? Maybe it’s in the hundreds of thousands. Whatever it is, it surely must be worth a reasonable investment and the old saying, ‘You get what you pay for’ really does apply here. So, pay nothing, and that’s probably what you’ll end up with. Pay cheap, and you’ll get cheap. Pay a fair amount for a highly professional, individualised product and that’s exactly what you will get.

Resumé Results have been providing quality, cutting-edge resumés for 20 years now along with professionally written job application letters, criteria selection, and cover letters. If a quality resumé is to a future career what a key is to a door, at least make sure the key fits and has been well cut!

Getting a great job starts with a great resume. With our professional resume writing service, you’ll get one-on-one support as we create a top quality, competitive, cutting-edge resume that tells your career story.